Colt football

Nicks is an absolute steal for the Colts. Unlike DHB who was picked up to add depth, Hakeem has hands that are NOT made of concrete. It’s true he has not started every game in a season, but when nagging injuries kept him sidelined, fans were quick to judge him by calling him a quitter, a prima Donna and lazy. Eli had an off season because was literally running for his life. Giants had no running game and when defenses figured it out, they pinned their ears back and came at Eli. Hakeem will now enter a system where there is no quit tolerated, during a game or even at practice. The first time he cuts a route short even in practice, he will learn quick it’s not tolerated in Indy. Andrew Luck leads ALL QBs at this point in his career, in fourth quarter comebacks because the Colts never quit if there is time on the clock. Nicks will get his share of targets and because of his talent will be among league leaders in receiving, which will get him a mega contract in a year from now. The Colts will benefit from his receptions and Hakeem will benefit from learning how to prepare. This is truly win/win for both sides involved…… Colts go to the big dance as this signing puts them over the top and Hakeem becomes Peyton’s, Marvin Harrison.